Xen-Do Junior Champs Success!

Junior Champs

Enthusiastically displaying their grading certificates, the Golders Green Junior students have every right to feel proud of their results in the gradings last week.

“Success in the gradings is as much a team as an individual effort” says Sensei Denise Bailey, “Xen-Do junior kickboxing and martial arts students take practice seriously and it shows, furthermore they support and motivate each other so this is a real team celebration.”

“When I founded Xen-Do I created the Xen-Do Little and Junior Champs” says Dai Master Raf. “I realised the potential to improve the all round behaviour of children at home, school and in the Xen-Do kickboxing and martial arts club and the results consistently achieved by our junior students have proved me right. Congratulations to them all!”

Are you or your child considering taking up kickboxing or martial arts? It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and you should take the time to choose the right club for you. At Xen-Do we offer a free trial so you can experience our Little and Junior Champs programme before joining, we have family packages available and special offers if you join between now and January 2015.

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