Sensei Jessica Georgeois

Sensei Jessica Georgeois


When Sensei Jess walked into Seymour Leisure Centre to do her trial class, she did not expect that she would now be 1st Dan black belt, and training with Master Rafael. From the one class, Jess was hooked and Xen-Do became a part of her routine, coming to train multiple times a week. Therefore, it was inevitable that she would like to go one step further and become part of the team.

Having been a student herself, Sensei Jess finds seeing the students she teaches progress to be the most rewarding part of being a Sensei. She has experienced the growth and determination to perfect technique that now she can help others to do the same. The advice Jess would give to someone coming to their first class would be,

“Put yourself out there and give it a go. It most probably will be the most challenging hour of your life, but it is without a doubt the most rewarding”.

Martial Arts has always been something Sensei Jess wanted to get involved in but never found the opportunity to pursue, until she discovered Xen-Do. It has now been a sport that she feels has pushed and helped her physically and mentally for the past 7 years.

Sensei Jess is currently studying Law at Nottingham University, but still returns to put on her gi and train with us when she can. In the meantime, she is training in the Muay Thai team at her university.


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