Xen-Do Children's Kickboxing Classes

You'll Be Amazed At What Your Kids Can Achieve At Xen-Do

Xen-Do kids have real fun while developing a 'fit for life' attitude towards everything they do.

Starting with Xen-Do Little Champs from four years of age, our childrens Kickboxing and Martial Arts programmes encourage fast progression in a positive and safe environment. Our Junior Champs and Teens Classes introduce a more technical curriculum to ensure both interest and whole life fitness is continuously stimulated and improved.

Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts for Kids is like an All Terrain Hybrid Vehicle.

Of course, you expect us to help build self-discipline and develop self-confidence - helping your child to overcome shyness and insecurity.

However the Xen-Do curriculum gives you more: it is designed to root your child in the real rather than the virtual world, interacting with others and sharing a sense of achievement that can inspire ambition and encourage young people to raise their sights regarding the life they want to achieve.

In addition to this Xen-Do integrates performance at home and school into the programme and parents are actively involved in the grading process. This ensures kids all round behaviour is recognised and rewarded.

Training with Xen-Do Champions is the best way of becoming a Champion!

Dai Master Raf creates a powerful and pervasive spirit throughout every aspect of Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts. It is derived from the fundamental principles stemming from the original Shaolin Monks where self discipline and respect underpin physical and mental exercise. By joining Xen-Do, your kids enter this self-fulfilling world.

With Xen-Do you can leave your child safe in the knowledge that we will look after them. All of our Kickboxing and Martial Arts instructors are:

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