Martial Arts Classes for Teenagers

Our teenager classes, for children aged 11-15, are designed to help your child develop their martial arts skills while also improving their fitness, discipline, and confidence.

We offer three classes a week, with two classes during the week and one class on the weekend. The number of classes you can attend will depend on the membership type you choose.

What is in store for students in our classes?

Our dojo has several locations, and the timetable for each location varies. You can find the timetable for your preferred location on our website. Our classes include pad work and bag work, where children can practice their combinations and basics. We also have gradings every five weeks to test their skills and progress. These gradings take place at the end of their usual lesson.

To attend our classes, children need to bring their full equipment, including a t-shirt, trousers, boots, gloves, belt and a bag. We recommend that they arrive at least 10 minutes early to stretch and get ready for the class. Our curriculum is different from our Little and Junior Champs classes, and we follow a simpler version of the adult curriculum. The lessons are more challenging than what is expected in our classes for younger children.

If your child is new to martial arts, we offer introductory classes that can be booked into this lesson. Our classes are led by experienced and qualified instructors who will help your child develop their skills and achieve their goals.
Our classes provide an excellent opportunity for children to develop their martial arts skills while also improving their fitness and discipline. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and helping children achieve their full potential. Whether your child wants to learn self-defence or simply wants to improve their fitness, our classes are the perfect fit for them.

Your Child’s Safety Is Our Priority

We understand that parents may have concerns about their child’s safety while practicing martial arts. We take safety very seriously and ensure that all our instructors are fully trained and qualified to teach children. Our dojo is also equipped with the necessary safety equipment to ensure your child’s wellbeing is paramount.
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