About Xen-Do


About Xen-Do

About Xen-Do

The key element of our martial art is our mantra “FIT FOR LIFE” as we want to make you fitter, stronger and more aware of your surroundings. Where children are concerned, we aim to add social responsibility, education and confidence as the self-defence element combines with all these attributes.

Xen-Do is different to other clubs, we don’t care about egos or the strength of a punch in the dojo, in building your fitness, your stamina, improving your confidence and developing excellent muscle tone we increase your adrenaline, wake your endorphins, and bring fun to your martial arts training. We want to equip you with techniques to use in self-defence, which is all about repetitive practice, which will come to the forefront should you be attacked. For those of you who wish to put your training into practice we have sparring classes but that extra step is your choice!

Gradings are of paramount importance because everybody wants to know what level they are at and, it is through the grading system that you can see your progression right up until the ultimate achievement of black belt and remember a black belt is a white belt that didn’t stop training!

We focus on fitness and technique, as we believe it’s not how much you do it’s how well you do it!

You will be training in a safe and professional environment with world class instructors in state-of-the-art centres. We want our students to be the best they can be physically and mentally through Xen-Do. The dojos have fantastic energy, positive vibe, and a great atmosphere.


Xen-Do kickboxing is highly effective because it is a system designed for self-defence that has been simplified to allow for busy lives.  It has a carefully designed curriculum created by a Martial Arts master without losing its effectiveness,  developing your kickboxing, self-defence techniques and giving you a full body workout. 

We have developed a system with proven longevity and effectiveness, rather than stopping and starting at the gym.  This is a system you will want to stick with and with us and our progressive Martial Arts teachings will keep your coming back for more.

Adult sessions are for one hour and can burn around 1,000 calories, making our schedules highly achievable and highly compatible with modern life where time is a bonus.  This level of intensity means that an hour before work, at lunch or after work is enormously effective to relieve stress, regain focus and boost adrenaline!  Choose from group classes, personal or private training sessions, which are individually tailored to you to help you achieve your goals.


Xen-Do kids have real fun while developing a ‘fit for life’ attitude towards everything they do – you’ll be amazed at what they can achieve. Of course, you expect us to help build self-discipline and develop self-confidence – helping your child to overcome shyness and insecurity.

However, the Xen-Do curriculum gives you more: it is designed to root your child in the real rather than the virtual world, interacting with others and sharing a sense of achievement that can inspire ambition and encourage young people to raise their sights regarding the life they want to achieve.

In addition to this Xen-Do integrates performance at home and school into the programme and parents are actively involved in the grading process. This ensures kids all round behaviour is recognised and rewarded.


Xen-Do is highly sociable, with a heavy emphasis on peer relationships in person and through social media. You will have the opportunity to make friends and meet a host of interesting people and develop lasting friendships amongst Senseis and fellow students of all ages.


We aim to help you achieve your best physical and mental self as Xen-Do trains your body and mind in combination. By practising martial arts, you master your mind and emotions that can help you develop greater emotional stability, assertiveness, self-confidence and lessen aggressive feelings, increase self-esteem just like our physical exercise strengthens your body, our challenges strengthen your mind and improve all areas of your life.

Martial Arts encourages you to dig deep, uncover where you are stuck and move through mental blocks, it helps you identify what you want to improve in your life and gives you the confidence to make positive changes.

Our grading system monitors your progress, which allows us to help you achieve amazing personal results. The clubs are friendly with instructors on hand to help, encourage and accompany you on your journey to fitness.


With four top spec gyms located conveniently in and around Central London, you’re sure to find a local dojo near you.

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