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Dai Master Rafael Nieto


Rafael Nieto is the founder of Xen-Do and currently runs multiple schools in London
(located in Marylebone, Baker Street, Goodge Street and Mayfair).

Dai Master Rafael's philosophy is "Fit for Life", and he believes that people who train in Xen-Do should be incorporating Martial Arts as a symbiotic part of daily life. Xen-Do and life should come together as one.

Dai Master Raf has been involved in Martial Arts since 1972 and during that time he has proved the fighting system by winning national and international titles. He won the British WAKO Title on four occasions and also the World and European WAKO Championships. He served 15 years as a London fireman attending many dangerous and stressful call-outs, which gives him a unique first-hand experience in dealing with high pressure and intense situations.

He became Technical Director of the National College of Karate in 1988 and British Team Coach in 1992. By 1994 he represented Britain at the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) and founded and developed the Spanish WAKO Organisation. His student, Master Ricardo Gress, currently has 20 clubs in Spain and they work closely together to further the Martial Arts community both in Great Britain and Spain.

Dai Master Rafael is acknowledged as a leader in Martial Arts; he was presented the Henry Cooper Award for 2012 in recognition of his contribution to the inspiration and development of young people and is often approached on a consultancy basis by print and broadcast media.

He isn’t all business and no play; Dai Master Rafael is a devoted family man. He has always had a sense of adventure and enjoys outdoors which explains his hobbies, such as, diving and hiking.

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