Grace Hume

Grace Hume


Grace was always destined to be a part of the Xen-Do community from the day she was born. Why? Because when your uncle is Master Raf and your cousin is Sensei Anthony you haven’t got much choice in the matter.

Originally from a small village in Kent, Grace moved to London in 2017 to explore a life outside of the country lifestyle she was used to.She had never attended a kickboxing class before but the jump to city life is enough to whet anyone’s appetite for new experiences and Grace was no different.

With some not so gentle persuasion from certain family members, she partook in her first group class and never looked back. She has loved training ever since and so jumped at the opportunity to use this job experience to meet new people, keep a healthy lifestyle and work closely with family.


With four top spec gyms located conveniently in and around Central London, you’re sure to find a local dojo near you.

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