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Mastering the Basics: The Importance of Expert Instruction

Embarking on a journey into the world of martial arts is an exciting and transformative experience. As with any discipline, mastering the basics is the essential first step toward achieving excellence. At Xen-Do Martial Arts and Kickboxing in London, they take great pride in their highly skilled instructors who provide top-notch training, guiding students through

Start Martial Arts

Why Should I Start Martial Arts?

At the time of writing this article, there are 7.7 billion people alive today. In the United Kingdom, there are 67.2 million people, 367,000 of those people aged 16 and above all train in Martial Arts & Boxing. With the fitness craze that started almost 10 years ago nearly every single person now has sports


Find out about Sensei Aray

Let’s get to know the newest member of our team. Many of you will know Sensei Aray already before he began teaching at Baker Street, as he was originally a member of our Goodge Street dojo. Like many others it was during his training that he discovered Xen-Do was more than just a hobby and

Health & Nutrition

Fit for Life

Fit for life. This is the phrase I most often use to describe Xen-Do and what we do. Repeat this phrase several times and reflect on it. What does it mean to you? Does the enormity of these three words sink in? PhysicalIt’s easy to think of fitness at an immediate, physical level and here

more about Sensei Kuba

Find our more about Sensei Kuba

Sensei Kuba Many of you will have either trained alongside or been taught by Sensei Kuba. He has the pleasure to move between all the clubs to get to know so many students, so this is our chance for you to get to know him. Let’s start by finding out how his love for martial

personal with SENSEI NATHAN

Up close and personal with SENSEI NATHAN

Up close and personal with SENSEI NATHAN Many of you have had the pleasure of being taught by Sensei Nathan whether it was at our Baker Street dojo, or Goodge Street and now you will find him at Mayfair, doing what he does best – bringing hype to the club and giving an excellent class

Xen-Do Launches Live Classes
Dojo Updates

Xen-Do Launches Live Classes!

Xen-Do Launches Live Classes! It is a new year, and we are introducing a new way of training. With gyms and dojos shut for the foreseeable future, let’s get back into fitness from the comfort of your own home. In addition to our virtual training where you all have been following along with your favourite

Sensei Joe

Sensei Focus: Joe Watkins

Many of our students will have met Sensei Joe as he has had the pleasure to teach at all of our dojos and once you’ve had a class taught by Joe you are unlikely to forget it. Sensei Joe is known for his loud voice and bouncy nature (as well as his love for the

Tier 4 Dojo Update, Sensei Focus

Sensei Focus – Sensei Matthew

Sensei Matthew joined us here at Xen-Do in November 2019. One of our most enthusiastic and up-and-coming instructors, Sensei Matthew is not only a thrill to be instructed by, but a fantastic addition to the Xen-Do family. Sensei Matthew now teaches at our luxury dojo in Mayfair, but what roads led him to this position?


My Virtual Training Journey: Part 1

VIRTUAL TRAINING JOURNEY Lockdown has been tough; it’s thrown my whole schedule and routine out the window. I only know to keep track of the days by the plethora of zoom quizzes every Friday and you can’t imagine the diet and lack of exercise. You never realise how that hour class at the dojo keeps

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