Xen-Do’s Black Belt Sunday Grading a Triumph!

Xen-Do Black Belt Jamie Mcbarek with Dai Master Rafael Nieto (right)

In the world of Kickboxing and Martial Arts most people aspire to achieving their Black Belt and nowhere is this more important than Xen-Do London.

“A Black Belt is a white belt who never stopped learning,” says Dai Master Raf. “At Xen-Do we have many students who have progressed from their first level Black Belt called Shodan through second and third Dan to the fourth Dan called Godan.”

“Sundays Black Belt Grading was fantastic, the students demonstrated a high level of tenacity, technical ability and determination – even though I pushed them hard to prove them capable of performing to the utmost level of their ability. Overall I am very impressed with what they achieved and their Black Belts are very well deserved.”

Inspired by the thought of achieving your Black Belt? At Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts we have three clubs in London where you can learn Martial Arts and improve your physical and mental fitness all in a one hour lesson. Why not book a free trial lesson and experience Xen-Do for yourself. Right now we have special membership offers available so you will have a head start in 2015.

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