Xen-Do Grading Week Update

Grading Week Update

This is an important week for us all at Xen-Do culminating in the Adult Senior and Black Belt Grading on Sunday 21st June.

Xen-Do Adult grades 1 – 8 (yellow white to green belt) and Children’s grades 1 – 12 (yellow white to Cadet Black belt) will grade in their usual class during the week commencing 15th June 2015.

Adult Senior Grades 9 – 11 (Blue white to Brown belt) and Black belts will grade at Xen-Do Marylebone, London on Sunday 21st June at 12.30.

Please note this means that the Shadow kickboxing class due to be held at Xen-Do Marylebone on Sunday 21st June will be cancelled, it will resume on Sunday 28th June.

Senior students and Black belts must register at Marylebone by 12.15 on Sunday 21st June as the grading will start at 12.30.

Don’t miss out on Grading
All Xen-Do Adult students and parents of Xen-Do children wishing to grade must register and pay in advance, the closing date is Sunday 14th June.

Xen-Do Dai Master Raf and all Xen-Do Senseis wish everyone a successful grading.

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