Inspirational Gradings Week

“Impressive!” That is Dai Master Raf’s summary of the June Grading week. “Xen-Do’s Kickboxing and Martial Arts curriculum is allowing our students to achieve their personal best in record time,” says Dai Master Raf, “because our techniques are simple, not to be misread easy, the grading sessions are a whole hour of activity with no respite for student or Instructor; this is a real test of ability, fitness and attitude which has resulted in Xen-Do’s best ever Gradings.”

“Inspirational! At Xen-Do we believe in continuous improvement and this Grading demonstrates that our students are performing at a World Class level previously unheard of outside the professional circuits,” says Dai Master Raf. “Our Instructors are progressing too so the whole organisation is buzzing with ever increasing ambitions.”

In tune with life today! I know that people are time poor and that goes for Xen-Do’s students as well,” continues Dai Master Raf. “because our curriculum uses time so effectively our students are fulfilled and continually stimulated. Recently introduced techniques, such as padding with gloves – which has largely replaced sparring, ensure Xen-Do students get the feel of Martial Arts without fear or trepidation.”

Truly Black Belts! When I watched the Xen-Do students Grading for their Black Belts demonstrate their ability to teach the juniors, it took me straight back to the origin of Martial Arts and my mentor, Master Meiji Suzuki, who brought the Xen-Do style to the UK – a Black Belt has a duty to teach and I am delighted to say that at Xen-Do this is fully ingrained within our culture, placing Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London in a World Class position. Well done everyone.” Dai Master Rafael Nieto.

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