Get ready for Grading Week commencing 15th June 2015

Grading Week commencing

Grading Week commencing

A reminder to all students that the next Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts gradings will take place in your usual club during the week commencing 15th June 2015, you need to register by Monday 8th June.

Dai Master Raf says ”there is a real buzz throughout Xen-Do at the moment as our students prepare to step up to the next level and be awarded a new belt. Our new curriculum means that Xen-Do students make rapid progress while learning a highly evolved form of an authentic and historic Martial Art. As well as the gradings for students Xen-Do Senseis are training hard for the tournament in Barcelona, Spain on 27th June 2015.”

What is noticeable about a Xen-Do dojo is the absence of students listening to music or watching the clock!

”In a one hour Kickboxing and Martial Arts lesson at Xen-Do you will have a chart topping exercise workout, learn new Kickboxing and Martial arts techniques while having a lot of fun” continues Dai Master Raf, ”there is no time or need for any music or clock watching and I teach students to visualise their moves so they become intuitive and fluid – better than any video and certainly more useful!”

Be sure to register on time and put the Grading dates in your diary now, all gradings will take place in your usual club; details are:

To learn more about Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts curriculum and belt grading click here.

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