Xen-Do Barcelona Bound and Fit for Life

Xen-Do Barcelona Bound

Xen-Do Barcelona Bound and Fit for Life

Some might say that with the Barcelona Tournament taking place this weekend, 27th June 2015, Team Xen-Do have finished their training – all apart from Dai Master Raf that is!

“Of course the team have followed a programme of intensive training over the last two months,” says Dai Master Raf, “however everyone will now remain at this level and moreover the energy and improvement in technique will flow through all our Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts students in our three London Clubs.”

Sensei Anthony Nieto who is leading the team continues, “this is the best build up to a tournament that we have ever had, every Sensei is on top form and Dai Master Raf has shown that he remains a World Class Mentor, Coach and Inspiration.”

“The most challenging part of the training has been losing weight while consuming enough calories to provide energy, collectively we have lost 28kgs. The focus has been getting our techniques to become smooth and continuous – remember Bruce Lee’s ‘become like water my friend’.”

Xen-Do Barcelona Bound with bags packed and raring to go!Barcelona Bound with bags packed and raring to go!

When asked what was the most important lesson learnt by Team Xen-Do they are unanimous – the mental discipline required to lose weight, follow the intensive training programme on 6 days a week while teaching students and following a healthy lifestyle.

“When I say Xen-Do makes you ‘Fit for Life’ I mean it,” says Dai Master Raf, in a one hour session at Xen-Do students achieve a chart topping workout, continuously improve their Kickboxing and Martial Arts techniques and have an enormous amount of fun within the Xen-Do community.”

xen-do Barcelona bound 2015

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Xen-Do | On the train to BarcelonaOn the train to Barcelona

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