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Sensei Anthony Nieto

5th Dan

Having started training at the age of 5 with his father, the founder of Xen-Do, Dai Master Rafael Nieto, Sensei Anthony took his black belt first Dan in 2007 rising to his fourth Dan in 2013.

Since then Sensei Anthony has competed in and won 11 National and International Championships as well as retaining his Spanish National Champion title in Bilbao, June 2012 and again in 2013. Sensei Anthony most recently competed in the Spanish Open Tournament, June 2015, taking home Gold.

Sensei Anthony’s special move is the “One-Bang”. When you see him in the dojo make sure to ask how to do the ONE-BANG.

When not in the dojo Sensei Anthony can be found playing all sports especially football but nothing compares to his passion for Kickboxing and Martial Arts.

Sensei Anthony is the acting Chief Operating Officer for Xen-Do International.

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