Xen-Do Instructors win Gold in Barcelona Tournament Triumph!

win Gold in Barcelona Tournament
Xen-Do Instructors win Gold in Barcelona Tournament Triumph

Senseis Anthony, Hamze, Diab, Bar, Yuri and Lewis won three Gold and three Silver Trophies at the Spanish Open Tournament held on 26th and 27th June 2015. Dai Master Raf, who also held a special Master Class for Spanish Kickboxing and Martial Artists commented:

“I was determined that Xen-Do would win and maintain our standing on the World Kickboxing and Martial Arts Stage, I visualised every element of the tournament and purposefully focused our team on practising the techniques that would give them the advantage. Combined with an intensive fitness programme, attention to diet and their own commitment, Team Xen-Do became an even more formidable force resulting in such outstanding success.

Importantly, the winning techniques are those taught to Xen-Do students in our three London Clubs, proof that Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts students can achieve more in a one hour lesson at Xen-Do than most other activities.”

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For insights into the training, mindset and motivation of Team Xen-Do together with commentary from supporters who travelled to Barcelona and those who attended Dai Master Raf’s Master Class keep following Xen-Do news link.

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