Xen-Do Mayfair has opened!

Good things come to those who wait, and we have all waited long enough! The Xen-Do team can happily announce that our Mayfair Club is now open!!

It is always exciting to take on a new location and watching it flourish just as brilliantly as the other 3 dojos. The main reasons Mayfair is exciting for Xen-Do are the following:

  • The Students: At our clubs the quality of students is brilliant. We get a real mixture of personalities, professions and ages, it makes our day so refreshing to teach such a diverse group. With the new Mayfair club, we will be welcoming a new demographic and we can’t wait to welcome any current members and new members to this great new location.
  • The Senseis: Xen-Do prides itself on having a high quality of instructors to teach the classes and that can give a brilliant class tailored to their students needs. We enforce this by the Senseis being trained by Master Rafael Nieto to make sure they are untouchable and yet humble enough to know there is always something to learn. Opening a new dojo means that we shuffle our Senseis, bring in new ones and not only do our student numbers grow, the team grows with them!
  • Location: We have another amazing location, to now have four dojos in central London is something no other martial arts club has ever done. This means there is always accessible transport to get to us and whether you live nearby, work around the corner or you’re on a 6-month pitstop before moving onto your next country, you can find us.

Xen-Do Mayfair

Above all, a new club will enable us to reach more people in our community, sharing our knowledge and love for martial arts.

What we love about what we do, is that you decide what you need from us and we happily give it to you, whether it be stress relief, friendship, toning all the right places or just learning a new skill, We are happy to help, what we do on top of that, is give you the tools to be able to defend yourself in a real-life situation.

So, come in to check out your new club!

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