Power Up Your Lungs

Our lungs are immensely important. They take oxygen from the environment and transfer it to the bloodstream. It’s this action that allows you to do every action in your life. When you exercise and your muscles work harder, your body uses more oxygen and produces more carbon dioxide. To cope with this extra demand, your breathing has to increase. Here at Xen-Do our intense, full-body workouts seriously improve your lungs functions. When your lungs are healthy, you keep a large breathing reserve, and with each intense workout, your lung capacity increases. And although lung working out is great for your lungs, your lungs are great for working out; so here are some tips to help power up your lungs and give you the extra push at the dojo.

1: Stop Smoking.

2: Vitamins. Vitamins, specifically Vitamin D has been proven to increase respiration rates.

3: A Clean Home. Dust, airborne indoor pollutants, chemical fumes and more can cause symptom flare-ups and affect your lungs abilities. So keep your space clean.

4: Breathing Exercises. Practice various breathing exercise when you wake up and go to sleep to improve both your lungs and mental state.

5: A Quick Morning Boost. When you wake up bang out a quick 5 minutes workout. It could be yogic stretches, press up or whatever you want. That little extra push will not only wake you up for the day ahead but also help to increase your lungs capabilities.

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