About Xen-Do

We understand there is a stigma towards martial arts and that is what makes Xen-Do different than other clubs. We do not care about egos or strength of a punch in the dojo. We bring adrenaline, endorphins, martial arts and fun. That is our recipe to having to helping all our students becoming fitter, building stamina, improving confidence, and achieving excellent muscle tone.

You will be training in a safe and professional environment with world champion Martial Artists in state of the art training centres. We want to our students to be the best they can be in the Xen-Do. The dojo has a fantastic energy, positive vibe and a great atmosphere. We focus on fitness and technique, although we do offer learn to spar classes, we do not promote fighting at Xen-Do.

Highly Effective

During a one-hour session you can burn around 1,000 calories, making this a perfect accompaniment in your hectic lifestyle. We understand the modern time constraints placed on people in this day and age. Our high intensity workouts mean that Xen-Do is highly compatible with modern life.

This level of intensity means that an hour before work, at lunch or after work is enormously effective to realise stress, regain focus and boast adrenaline! We have stylish and modern Martial Arts clubs in Central London locations. Choose from group classes to private training sessions, which are individually tailored to you to help you to achieve your goals.

An Emphasis on Martial Arts

Xen-Do is not merely a work-out plan. Xen-Do has a carefully designed curriculum created by a Martial Arts master which allows you to develop your Kickboxing and self defence techniques, whilst giving you a full body work out. We have developed a system with proven longevity. Rather than stopping and starting at the gym from time to time, this is a system you will want to stick with. The progressive Martial Arts teachings will keep your mind interest and combined with the transformation in your body and fitness, it will keep you coming back for more!

Tremendously Fun & Sociable

Xen-Do is highly sociable, with a heavy emphasis on peer relationships in person and through social media. You will have the opportunity to make friends and meet a host of interesting people from all corners of London and develop lasting friendships amongst Senseis and fellow students. Our members are an even mix of male and female and we have students starting from as young as 4 years old.

Work on Body and Mind

We aim to help you be your best physical self and help towards your best mental self. Xen-Do trains your body and mind in combination. Our grading system monitors your progress, which allows us to help you achieve amazing personal results. The clubs are friendly with instructors on hand to help you with any query you have.

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