Today is the Day!

Today is the day! Ten of our talented instructors are in Barcelona right now preparing themselves for their fight, as they compete in the Spanish Open 2019!

Every year our team trains hard together in Master Raf’s Instructor’s class preparing for their fight, improving on the high standard that they adhere to in the clubs. Not only has the run up to this day been physically challenging, it has also been difficult mentally, keeping up with a strict diet, in order to make their weight category. Though tough and demanding, it is also a very exciting, fun and fulfilling experience, one which we love sharing with students.

Today is the Day

This year is extra special because for the first time Xen-Do has taken two female instructors to compete in the Spanish Open. Sensei Lauren and Sensei Karla have been training alongside the guys every day, showing everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. Sensei Lauren is competing in the under 55kg light continuous category, she not only is one of the first women to compete for Xen-Do, but she is also one of the youngest instructors to go and fight in the Spanish Open.

Sensei Karla is also in Barcelona with the team competing in the Under 55kg category, however, she will be taking on her opponent in a full contact fight.

Sensei Karla says:

“I have been training for this since day one and as the competition gets nearer the training is more intense. It is no longer about knowing the technique but knowing the limits of my body in order to find the balance of strength and power against feeling tired. I have decided to go full contact for my first fight. Last year I went with the team as a spectator and watching my teammates fight, I knew I could do the same, last year I was there to cheer and now I’m going to be a champion. What students don’t see is the difficulties dieting to make your weight category, the diet itself is the easy part what is hard is maintaining the weight and not giving in to temptation.

What I have loved most about preparing for Barcelona is preparing as a team! Every sensei has helped me get ready for this weekend. The Senseis have helped me grow, perfect techniques, given advice, built up my confidence but most importantly it has been so much fun training with them! Of course, I am a bit nervous, it’s the feeling of knowing what I’m doing and yet going into the unexpected, but I believe in myself. I am capable and Master Raf has helped me to be the best Sensei I can be. Master Raf is my mentor and the advice he has given me for the weekend is to be confident in my movements, know that I am bold, magnificent and I am going to win with style and class.”

Let us wish all of the senseis that are competing the best of luck! They have the support of their Xen-Do team and we know they will be brilliant.

All the fights will be live streamed on Facebook, make sure to check out our social media pages.

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