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Sensei Lauren Butcher

2nd Dan

Sensei Lauren was born and raised in London and has trained at Xen-Do from a very young age. Both of her parents trained at Xen-Do, igniting her love for the sport and the community within the dojos.

Her passion for Martial Arts shines through in everything that she does. Whether she is teaching a class or participating in a training session, Lauren never seems to run out of energy or spinning kicks. She received her Black Belt in 2014 at the age of fourteen and continued through the intense curriculum to receive her 1st Dan in 2016. Lauren’s favourite move, due to her remarkable flexibility and power, is the jump, spin, roundhouse kick! When you see her in the dojo make sure you ask her to demonstrate…you will be amazed!

Lauren plans to head off to University next year to continue her education in Sports Science. When not in the dojo or studying, Lauren enjoys swimming and dancing, but nothing compares to her passion for Martial Arts.

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