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Though the competition is over, our instructors are still buzzing from the events of the past weekend. Everyone that participated in both the fights on Saturday and Master Raf’s sparring class the day before did an amazing job! All of the instructors that fought showed great sportsmanship cheering each other on, congratulating everyone on their skill no matter the outcome and always shaking hands with their opponent’s trainer. This is one of the many reasons why Xen-Do enjoys taking the team to Barcelona, the level of respect between fighters is wonderful to witness and is a testament to their training. For every fighter no matter if it’s their first or their hundredth time in the ring, it is first and foremost about having fun, being humble and knowing that win or lose, there is always something to learn.

This (and every) year, all our instructors love competing in Barcelona and it was a fantastic opportunity for the entire Xen-Do team. From innovative ring design to the showmanship of the fighters and performers, the WAMAI Spanish Open is fun, exciting and ran smoothly thanks to Master Ricardo, Sensei Javier and Sensei Elizabeth. Their effort and dedication to the organisation, to the sport and to Martial Arts is emphatic. The Mugendo team are worthy opponents and gave Xen-Do a run for their money, we look forward to being a part of many future competitions together.

To Mugendo,

From the Xen-Do team, we give the upmost thanks for your generosity and treating us as part of the Mugendo family. We are a team, united, not in name but by spirit.

– Dai Master Rafael Nieto

All of our Senseis did a great job and for many this year it was their first time competing either at the Spanish Open or anywhere. As you would have seen from our social media pages, the road to Barcelona was not easy, it consisted of training every day and maintaining a strict diet to make the weight category. Though on the day you cannot escape the nerves when jumping into the ring, all our instructors can say that they had the best people in their corner. Master Raf and Sensei Anthony put all their energy in leading up to and on the day to make sure our instructors were the best they can be. They built an army of fighters using a support system and consistent world-class training every day.

For anyone that missed the live stream of the fights on the day, we have started uploading the fights and other pictures from the day which you can find on our social media pages.

It was a brilliant experience for the team which ended with brilliant results for another year! Finally let’s all thank Mugendo, Master Raf and Sensei Anthony and congratulate our instructors on their efforts and outcomes!

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