Making Routine Important

Making Routine Important

Will Xen-Do teach you kickboxing? … Yes!
Will Xen-Do teach you how to defend yourself? … Yes!
Will Xen-Do help relieve the stress of a busy day? … Yes!

You will come to Xen-Do with the intention of keeping fit, learning a new skill, meeting new people and without realising Xen-do will become habitual. Whether you join to group or personal classes you will find Xen-Do included in your week. We do our best to accommodate everyone, Xen-Do has a timetable throughout the day to suit your schedule.

We love seeing our students in the dojo, hearing about your week, seeing your progress from your last lesson and knowing you are one step closer to achieving your goal. Through consistent martial arts classes, you learn discipline and the need for routine. Structure is important, it helps organise not only your day to day life but also your thoughts. Having a structured syllabus teaches us more than our new moves, it gives us insight into how we can utilise such structure in our everyday lives. Everything starts with a deep understanding of the basics.

Fitting Xen-Do into your week gives you stability in knowing that no matter how hard your day has been or is going to be, you’ve got your Xen-Do class as stress relief! If you’ve had a heavy weekend and you’re dragging yourself out of bed to get to that 10am group class, you know it will be well worth it as your sweat pours out (along with any sins from the weekend). You’ll notice how through a couple of hours of exercise a week your mood improves; your body will change and you will feel better!

Like all good things, it takes time to master techniques and to become fitter but the quicker you start the quicker you will get there.

So how about trying an extra class this week, see if it fits into your routine, then make it a habit, all clubs have discounts currently running on upgrades.

You will often hear Master Raf talk about creating habits in the way you execute your technique, that “fast rubbish is still rubbish”, you can only do what you’ve practiced, if you practice incorrectly you can’t expect to have perfection when you need it most.

At Xen-Do we are providing tools for a better, fitter way of life, how and when you apply these tools is up to you.

We look forward to seeing you all in the clubs over the summer! Ouss!

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