Sensei Focus: Meet Sensei Lauren

Sensei Lauren Butcher started when she was only 11 years old at Camden Stables Market in Xen-Do’s Junior Champs classes. Lauren was determined as a young girl and added some personal classes to her membership, allowing her to speed through Dai Master Rafael Nieto’s curriculum. 7 years down the road, Lauren is now 18 years old and has successfully become a 2nd Dan Black Belt and Sensei.

Sensei Lauren started by helping out in the classes, proving her skills and becoming a Sensei in July 2017. Her time management and dedication allowed her to juggle teaching and training at Xen-Do as well as studying Sport Science in college. She recently passed her exams and will become a full-time Sensei in September 2018. Lauren is especially amazing at teaching the Little Champs and Junior Champs classes as she ‘loves to see their progress and excitement each lesson to reach their next belt’.

Over the years, she has been taught by Dai Master Rafael Nieto, Sensei Anthony, Sensei Yuri and Sensei Nicolas. After putting in a lot of hard work and determination, she now spends her days training and sparring with the Senseis that taught her. She is now able to call them colleagues and friends.

Xen-Do has trained all members of the Butcher family. Lauren’s mum was a member for 6 months and her dad, Andy, has been with us for 3 years and achieved his black belt. Often, you’ll find Sensei Lauren padding her old man in the senior class.

Sensei Lauren would highly recommend women coming to join at Xen-Do as she believes it’s important for women to know self-defence and have confidence in themselves. It is also a great way to socialise with like-minded people. She met Sensei Rijana when they were training together as children in the Junior Champs classes and have been friends ever since!

Sensei Lauren back in 2013 at Zen-Do’s Kaarma branch in Camden

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