July’s Champion Theme: Never Give Up


The man who created McDonald’s said that perseverance was the strongest force in the universe. What he meant was that if you never give up, however difficult things become, in the end, you will succeed. Ask any famous writer – they will always tell you the same story. Over and over again they sent their work to publishers, over and over again a letter came back saying “No, Thanks”. If they had given up because of this, it’s obvious they’d never have become famous. But what they did was, take another look at their work, possibly make some changes, then send it off again. And again. And again. Then one day someone said, “Hey, this is rather good”, and their lives changed forever.

It’s exactly the same in the dojo. If you can’t do something properly, don’t give up. Get up, do it again, keep doing it. You’ll get there. You’ll always beat someone who gives up, who doesn’t keep having another go. And when it happens for you, it’s the greatest feeling in the world!

Remember Xen-Do’s mantra: A black belt is a white belt that never stopped training.

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