Xen-Do Students – Veronika heads to Gambia!

Xen-Do Students

Hello Xen-Do Students!

One of our Xen-Do students is traveling out to Gambia in 2 weeks to help educate local communities on the benefits of dental hygiene.

Veronika says,

“Hi, my name is Veronika and I am a dental technician as well as your Xen-Do Comrade!

I have volunteered to go to Gambia and provide oral education, training and health checks, with an amazing team of medical professionals.

The charity Humanity First has provided training to 25% of all Medical Professionals in Gambia in recent years.

Many people around the world lack access to decent quality healthcare. In low-income regions. there is an insufficient capacity of trained clinicians or knowledge of emerging clinical techniques and treatments which compounds the problems. In addition, lack of water and sanitation also impacts health, resulting in unacceptable mortality rates among pregnant mothers and under 5-year-old children.

Humanity First is building a new hospital and clinic facilities, training clinicians, providing medical supplies and resources, and offering outreach medical camps.

Please support the charity, Humanity First, that provides help that is often neglected. Every penny that you donate will go towards providing services that Gambians desperately need.

Thank you”

Visit Veronika’s Gambia Just Giving page for further information.

We look forward to seeing the impact Veronika makes!

Veronika and Team Xen-Do

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