One step closer to black belt: Upcoming Gradings

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You train hard and we definitely love seeing the improvement each time you attend. Therefore, it is important to keep track of when you are grading. This allows you to progress through the belts, learn more combinations and meet new people as you move in rank through the classes. You will have noticed throughout the year the grading calendars are hanging in the dojo.

It’s important to see which belt you will be achieving as it is one step closer to black belt!! Set yourselves a goal, make every class, use your voucher for a personal if you have it left to use and see if you can get your next belt before the new year! As many of you know our motto is a black belt is a white belt that never stopped training.

All gradings up to green belt will happen during your regular class commencing that that week, so here are the days you need to look out for! Whichever class you attend, you will be grading – so be prepared! Make sure you know your combination and have registered at your dojo before the lesson.

If you should miss the grading for whatever reason, then please let your sensei know and they can arrange a catch-up grading for you!

The available times left this month for each class are the following:

Little Champs:
5th November 2018

Junior Champs:
26th November 2018

Beginners (Adult/Teenagers) Grades 1 – 4 up to orange belt: 
19th November 2018

Senior & Intermediates (Adult/Teenagers) Grades 5 – 8 up to green belt:
5th November 2018

You can find our belt system on our website, this will give you a chance to learn your combinations and be fighting stance ready!!

Make sure you follow the grading calendar that are up around the dojos and check it regularly as progress is key! Attend your classes regularly and make up for any missed lessons as when grading day arrives you will need to know your combinations. Practice, memorise and prepare for nothing will feel better than achieving your next belts.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Any Adult/Teenagers grading for blue/white belt or above please either ask your Sensei or keep an eye out for a notice on the website for your next grading date and time! You will have the pleasure of grading at Goodge Street dojo with Master Raf!

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