Black Belt Grading – This Sunday!


After much anticipation, hard work and making our way through the rainbow curriculum of belts, we never thought this day would come! We have put our sweat and energy into every class.

Laughing and learning. Talking and training.

What a journey it has been! We will now stand in front of Dai Master Raf humble and deserving of this belt.

The black belt grading will be taking place on Sunday 25th November at Goodge Street dojo at 2pm for all Xen-Do students.

We have all been waiting for this moment, this is the reaching top of Everest, taking gold at the Olympics, completing a marathon moment. This is a big deal and we need to be ready!

Make sure you have taken advantage of the special deal on blocks of personals! Also, now is the time to use your free personal voucher that was given to you in your welcome pack. Use this opportunity to ask your sensei if you have techniques or combinations you need help with!

You have a few days before the big test, take advantage of it.

A word of wisdom from Dai Master Raf:
“For any martial artists, grading for your black-belt is the pinnacle of achievement and the biggest hurdle in your journey. Achieving your black-belt means you have achieved the top level in self-defence and achieved very high proficiency in kickboxing techniques. But always remember that Black Belt (Shodan) means first step..not last step.”

You walked into your dojo for an introductory free trial kickboxing lesson and this Sunday you will leave with a black belt. Here at Xen-Do, our mantra is ‘a black belt is a white belt that never stopped training’. You students are the reason we can say this!

Every little helps! Check the curriculum that can be found on the dojo walls or on the grading page of our website, to know all the combinations and basics. On the day – make sure that you arrive early, this will give you time to sign in, stretch, put on your boots and gloves and relax before it starts. This is a great Xen-Do moment for you but most importantly in the midst of it all

Remember to have fun!

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