Xen-Do Martial Arts Celebrates a Successful Instructor Grading

Xen-Do Martial Arts Celebrates a Successful Instructor Grading

Sunday, the 8th of April 2018 was a very significant date for Xen-Do Martial Arts and everyone involved. Not only was it the largest instructor grading to date, it was also the start of something incredible. Prior to the commencement of the tough two-hour grading session, Dai Master Rafael Nieto’s inspirational words left each and every Sensei with a feeling of inspiration, hope, and excitement for what was to come.

Successful Instructor Grading

He said, “For any martial artists, grading for your black-belt is the pinnacle of achievement and the biggest hurdle in your journey. Achieving your black-belt means you have achieved the top level in self-defence and achieved very high proficiency in kickboxing techniques. But always remember that Black Belt (Shodan) means first step..not last step.”

Xen-Do Senseis are continually working to improve their techniques and are making huge strides through Dai Master Rafael Nieto’s hybrid curriculum.

Congratulations to the following:

Brown Belt:
Sensei Gayane Ghazaryan
Sensei Nathan Richardson
Sensei Marcus Frederick

Black Belt:
Sensei Karla Aranas
Sensei Joe Watkins
Sensei Liam McCourt
Sensei Ryan Towers
Sensei Sergio Garcia
Sensei Joshua Ivey

1st Dan:
Sensei Lewes Findlay
Sensei Levon Sargsyan
Sensei Walter Proiri Friggi
Sensei Paul Jones
Sensei Ismael Essilfie-Quaye
Sensei Judah Wheeler
Sensei Kasheme Walton
Sensei Rijana Puljic
Sensei James Guerrero

2nd Dan:
Sensei Patryk Sylwester Fic
Sensei Lauren Butcher

3rd Dan:
The Sensei Yuri Mumford

5th Dan:
The Sensei Anthony Nieto
Sensei Nicolas Antoine
Sensei Richard Charles

Check out our Facebook page or the gallery page for the footage from this intense day.


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