Champions Theme: Co-operation

Co-operation means working together as a team. When the team is strong, it makes all of us stronger. This is because it gives each of us confidence knowing that everyone around us is working for the same thing – each other.

We can learn a lot about co-operation from the wolf pack. They work as a team, which makes them strong. For example, when they are on the move, did you know that it’s the old wolves who lead the pack? Why do you think that is? Won’t they slow everyone down? Well yes, they may be slower than the young wolves, but if the young wolves led the pack, they’d leave the old wolves behind. That would break up the team and make the pack smaller and weaker.

So when the old wolves lead, everybody can keep up and stay together as a team. Meanwhile, the young wolves stay at the back as guards, saving their energy and strength to protect the team from attack. That’s co-operation.

So remember, at Xen-Do you’re not just an important individual, you’re also part of a team. Work together, look after each other, and you will grow happier and stronger.


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