Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts has the solution to corporate boredom


Boardroom boredom and fatigue is inevitable!

Martial Arts can enthuse and realign your soldiers. Embark on a first class return journey with Xen-Do.

With over 30 years experience in making people ‘Fit for Life’ improving their fitness, confidence, stamina and determination through training in Kickboxing and Martial ArtsDai Master Rafael Nieto is committed to banishing boardroom boredom.

“I see too much discussion and prevarication leading to delayed and inadequate action” he says. “Businesses need to keep ahead of the competition by giving their workforce an edge on their competitors.”

So how can Xen-Do Kickboxing improve corporate fitness and give a competitive advantage?

Figuratively speaking your aim should be to kill, smash and destroy all the silent voices holding you back; release your team’s endorphins and adrenaline, instill the confidence to take initiative to create daring yet fitting solutions to the challenges that a business faces.

Equip your workforce now!

Preparing to win whether in a corporate arena or a martial arts tournament is no different, success is achievable to people who create an advantage.

With four Kickboxing and Martial Arts clubs in London at Golders Green, Marylebone, Baker Street and Goodge Street, there is potentially a Xen-Do team on the doorstep of your business. From self defense to self confidence, and team spirit to winning in the corporate environment, Xen-Do can now make businesses as well as individuals ‘Fit For Life’.

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