Xen-Do the Movie

Share the excitement as Dai Master Raf, his instructors and students, demonstrate the ‘hybrid’ training system that makes Xen-Do unique.

Join Dai Master Raf and his Martial Arts and Kickboxing students as they show how Xen-Do London offers intense fitness, martial arts and self defence training in one exciting and effective session

“Xen-Do London is more than a group of martial arts and kickboxing clubs” says Dai Master Raf. “You will achieve more in one hour with Xen-Do than almost any alternative training.

“Where else can you achieve a full body fitness workout, burn a chart topping 700 to 1,100 calories an hour, develop your martial arts and kickboxing skills and boost your sense of well being, confidence and security?

“At Xen-Do it’s about you: achieving your best so that you are fit for the life that you want to lead” says Dai Master Raf.

Inspired by the movie? Follow the links below to the Xen-Do club of your choice, sign up to a free trial session and experience the Xen-Do effect for yourself!

Our Locations: Baker StreetGolders GreenMarylebone

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