Xen-Do – The first Hybrid technology in Kickboxing and Martial Arts

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Xen-Do – The first Hybrid technology in Kickboxing and Martial Arts

Xen-Do is derived from Zen Do which means ‘all paths’ so with Dai Master Raf’s experience and commitment to evolution it is no surprise that Xen-Do London is entering the field of Hybrid technology.

So what does this mean in the world of Kickboxing and Martial Arts?

Xen-Do is a fusion of physical and mental fitness with martial arts, it is condensed into an effective package to meet the needs of people today, i.e. Xen-Do delivers power and results in the optimum time to achieve maximum benefit across all three areas.

What does this mean in practice?

“Xen-Do London caters for all ages, children, men and women” says Dai Master Raf.

“What they have in common is a commitment to their goal of improved fitness for life within an increasingly busy schedule. Xen-Do not only meets this need but provides a thriving community spirit with a continuously developing curriculum that is stimulating and rewarding. Where else can you get all of these benefits in one? Moreover our Xen-Do clubs provide an attractive environment in desirable locations – just visit Xen-Do Baker Street, London to see for yourself.”

If by now you are comparing Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London to the BMW i8 you might be right! Why not arrange a trial session today?

This article is based on opinion:
– the author is not a qualified doctor or anyone who can dispense medical advice.
– any opinions stated are just that and people should consult a doctor before making any dietary changes or changes of any nature prompted by the articles published by or on behalf of Xen-Do.
– under 16’s please obtain parental permission before posting anything online.

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