Xen-Do Student Nathan Simon (aged 10 and in the Advanced Teenager Class) ‘Spills the beans’ on Gradings!

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Hello, my name is Nathan Simon. I am particularly advanced in the belt system, in which I am on brown belt. As I went through the belts, the techniques I had to learn got tougher and tougher, just like all advancing pupils.

Also the grading (when you move up a belt) gets tougher as I was instructed to do more and put a higher amount of effort in to earn the belt. The grading includes all exercising e.g. press-ups, sit-ups, squat-thrusts and all dynamic movements.

Techniques were also expected to be performed without any hesitation. Also the opposite occurs. If I did not behave and put 100% into all my classes, I might be in trouble and not be able to earn my belt.

Pre-grades are of utmost importance, as when I had them, I was told to practice my techniques so I would not fail to earn my belt. There are also different stances included that you have to get perfect.

Tips to lead to success (grading)

  1. Practice and remember your techniques so you don’t make a mistake in the grading.
  2. Make sure your voice is confident so you don’t show the instructors you’re afraid.
  3. In grading, you should be sharp and quick while performing the techniques to show the instructors you are determined.
  4. Listen to what you are being told to do by the instructor.
  5. Always show respect to the instructor as they are also examining you not just on the performance, they are also testing you on your personality.

Dai Master Rafael Nieto, founder of Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London says ”Nathan is spot on with his advice, nothing beats purposeful practice in order to progress through the Xen-Do, Belt Grading system. A Black Belt is a White Belt that has never stopped learning and Nathan’s advice is relative to Xen-Do students at every level ”

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