Announcing the Autumn Grading Dates for Beginners 2014

No sooner has the holiday season ended than the Xen-Do Gradings programme starts, bringing a new focus to our three London clubs this autumn.

First to Grade will be beginners Grades one to four, both adults and children. Xen-Do has a structured kickboxing and martial arts curriculum where students follow a highly effective training programme continuously refined by Dai Master Raf.

At Xen-Do the techniques to be learnt in order to ‘Grade’ or be awarded the next level belt are taught in stages over several weeks, students who successfully complete each stage are awarded a Gold, Red or Black Star to recognise their progress.

All of this, combined with Xen-Do’s World Class Kickboxing and Martial Arts Instructors is designed to ensure every student is encouraged and supported to do their best, resulting in high levels of energy and motivation as the Grading day approaches.

Of course there is nothing more exciting for Xen-Do students and instructors alike than receiving a hard earned new belt and immediately embarking on the programme to achieve the next one!

Xen-Do London’s Grading timetable for Beginners Grades 1 to 4, adults and children is:

Beginners Grades 1 – 4 (adults and kids)

  • Gold Star – 25th August
  • Red Star – 8th September
  • Black Star – 22nd September
  • Grading – 29th September

Beginners Gradings take place in the students usual clubs, the grading replacing the usual lessons. All Xen-Do Gradings are conducted by an instructor from another Xen-Do club thus ensuring objectivity and impartiality to maintain the ethos of Xen-Do’s authentic, Kickboxing and Martial Arts heritage.

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