Xen-Do’s World Class Senseis prepare to Win in Spain

World Class Senseis prepare

Winner of the Spanish National Championship title in Bilbao 2012, Xen-Do’s Sensei Anthony Nieto and team Xen-Do comprising Senseis Diab, Bar, Hamze and Yuri are training hard in preparation for the Spanish Open Tournament taking place in Barcelona on 27th June 2015.

“Xen-Do will be represented in three groups” says Anthony, ”myself in the up to 70kg, Senseis Diab, Bar and Hamze in the up to 75kg and Sensei Yuri in the formidable 80kg category”.

So what’s it like to prepare for such a prestigious International event?

“Obviously we are training intensively with only one rest day a week” continues Anthony, “We are learning a lot about healthy eating by reading Louise O’Driscoll’s – herself a Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts Student – articles, and making sure we eat the right amounts at the correct times, it won’t surprise you to know that this is the one time when we need to increase our calorie intake!

“Naturally getting enough sleep so that our bodies can recover is important as is a balanced training programme focussed on building strength, speed and flexibility through stretching.

“Above all we have Dai Master Raf as our mentor, motivator and ‘butt kicker’, with his World Championship status he is the ideal person to help us visualise the tournaments and rehearse every move in our minds so on the day we are acting and responding intuitively.”

Follow Sensei Anthony and Team Xen-Do all the way to Barcelona and this exciting event.

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