Xen-Do Kids have more fun

One of the most frequent things we hear parents say when they first bring their children to Xen-Do Kids is “I wish I’d had something like this when I was a child”. The other thing we often hear is “How come they’re so well-behaved”?

Some say how different kids are these days. Today, they inhabit the huge and uncontrollable world of the Internet. Today, they do less running around, and many are putting on unnecessary weight. Today, they appear to have more freedom from authority – some say how difficult it is to control them.

We take the opposite view. Today, kids are exactly the same as they’ve always been – noisy, naughty bundles of energy. It’s how you channel that energy which matters.

Kids like to play. They like to shout and scream. They really like repetition and rote. They love banter. Believe it or not, they love order and discipline – especially when it’s part of the game.

What we’ve just described is Xen-Do Kids. Take a look at the photo & video links and see for yourself. Order out of chaos. Respect for their instructor. Respect for each other. Exercising their bodies and their brains. And above all, having more fun.

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