Beware the Xen-Do Woman!

March was a month for women’s causes, with International Women’s Day and Million Women Rising. We support their campaigns. But our real mission is the same as theirs – to eliminate the need for such movements in the first place.

At Xen-Do, women always have had equal status. Our senior instructor at Golders Green, Denise Bailey, is a 7th Dan Female European & World Champion, as well as an International Judge and Referee.

Take a look at the attached pictures and videos. Anybody who had any doubts about women closing the gender equality gap, or having an assertive, zero-tolerance attitude on the subject of male violence against women and girls, beware the Xen-Do Woman!

But our structured, safe, energy-stimulating system isn’t designed to turn women into macho men. Women are beautiful as women.

It’s simply that the Xen-Do Woman is fitter, more flexible and more confident, with higher self-esteem. First among equals! Why not find out for yourself?

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