Why Kids Should Do Martial Arts

Martial arts is challenging and requires children’s full attention. As they concentrate on listening to their Sensei, then practice what has just been taught, they start to build important connections in the brain that improve their ability to focus for longer periods of time. This intense concentration naturally pours into all other areas of their life.

Parents of children with attention deficits breathe sighs of relief after just a few short weeks of their kids training at Xen-Do. In Martial Arts – we teach children to look people in the eyes when they’re being spoken to, showing people that they are listening and paying attention. We teach them to listen with not only their ears, but their eyes and full body. After only a few weeks of classes, kids instinctively begin doing this at home and in school.

The Xen-Do Little and Junior Champs Programmes focus on strength, discipline and respect. Our students make a promise to live the ‘Xen-Do Way’ through the Champions Code. Our champions are proud to recite:

“I promise to listen, to always try my very best, to be a good friend, and to be a champion”.

Our Little Champs are between the ages of 4 and 6. This is prime time for their cerebral cortex to respond to routines, exercising and fitness. The earlier children get into these routines, the better equipped they will be as they grow into high functioning and successful young adults. Something amazing happens when you start to move your body and bring physical fitness into your life…it creates an anchor. An anchor for more happiness, a sense of accomplishment, and a BIG BOOST in confidence! That is what we instil in our Little and Junior Champs here at Xen-Do Martial Arts.


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