Join the Team at Xen-Do

Team at Xen-Do

Xen-Do operates full time Martial Arts clubs in first class locations with outstanding instructors and a commitment to providing excellence in both teaching and facilities.

We aim to open a number of new clubs around London by the end of 2017 and are recruiting instructors who want a career in Martial Arts leading to the management of their own Xen-Do club. Of course we expect our instructors to be able to work in dojos around London on a rota covering clubs that might open from 9.30am to 9pm seven days a week.

At Xen-Do our aim is to create a working environment where people are committed to a common goal – a place where they are passionate about what they do, believe they can make a real difference to the success of the business and create a unique customer experience.

We are looking for instructors who are:

  • Motivated;
  • Able to teach a class with enthusiasm, confidence and passion;
  • Physically fit and bodily flexible;
  • Has taught at least 1 year of martial arts;
  • Punctual; and
  • Able to inspire students

‘If you’re not getting better you are getting worse’ applies to all aspects of Xen-Do. Our instructors are encouraged and supported to develop both their Martial Arts and business skills with master classes and specialist training sessions designed to keep Xen-Do pre-eminent in Martial Arts and a business enterprise that people want to be part of.

With new clubs on the horizon, if you think you fit the bill we want to hear from you now. We are always interested to hear from people with different backgrounds, experience, skills and personalities; this is what makes Xen-Do a unique experience offering a special and diverse place to work. If this is you then please ensure your personal qualities and CV meet the Xen-Do criteria above and send it to:

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