Why choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body! Part four: Kick the Flab to get Great Abs!

choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body
Sensei Anthony doing the plank. Done at the end of classes planking helps build your inner core ab muscles

Choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body

With Team Xen-Do winning three Gold and three Silver medals in the Barcelona Tournament in June you can be sure that Xen-Do’s Kickboxing and Martial Arts Senseis are in fantastic shape.

You might be thinking that’s down to hours of exercises such as sit ups and crunches, but as Dai Master Raf, founder of Xen-Do says: “it doesn’t matter how many sit ups you do you won’t see any abs if your layer of flab is too thick!”

So how can you get great abs? Let’s look at the preparation and training prior to Barcelona.

“If you want to see a great result you have to combine exercise, diet and sleep” explains Dai Master Raf. “Xen-Do’s form of Kickboxing and Martial Arts will give you a whole body workout with chart topping calorie burn, combine this with a healthy eating plan such as those suggested by Xen-Do Associate Louise O’Driscoll and you will soon kick the flab. Now is the time to start the exercises to build abs and core strength such as sit ups.”

“This is where sleep plays it’s part,” continues Sensei Anthony Nieto who’s abs clearly speak for themselves – “if you step up your training to this level then you need to make sure you are eating the right foods to give you energy and nutrients in the correct amounts, you also need to ensure plenty of sleep so your body can recover and benefit from this new routine. Without sleep you will not keep up with the training and you won’t get the result you are aiming for.”

Follow Dai Master Raf in part 5 as he looks at the importance of variation in training and how that affects long term motivation.

Choosing what form of exercise is best for you is an important decision, why not book a FREE Xen-Do trial lesson and experience Dai Master Raf’s training approach for yourself?

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