The Importance of Speed and Flow

“Speed defeats strength 99% of the time.” – Dai Master Rafael Nieto

If you ask any sensei what the first rule of fighting is, they will tell you it’s “to not get hit.” Of course that is very hard to do, but the concept behind this is very simple. 

In training, you should focus on your own rhythm of fighting. Rather than thinking about what move will be next, think about your natural movements.  If you stop moving while fighting, your opponent will be able to attack. Our bodies have our own tempo to move to. Channelling that inner flow gives you the upper hand whilst kickboxing.

Constant movement in your own rhythm keeps your opponent on edge, because they will not know what is coming next.  Master Rafael stresses the fact that you should not limit yourself to linear movements, but rather movements with a never-ending flow. This makes sure that your attacks are unpredictable. Focus on moving in an infinity motion and less on what your next move should be. Eventually, (through hours of practice) this flow will come natural to you.

Speed will trump strength if you learn how to land your attacks in the proper way. Trying to punch or kick as hard as possible will result in a loss of energy and predictability. If you train to attack and defend with speed, you will be able to attack more frequently, therefore limiting the chances of being hit.

A combination of the infinity flow in your movements with quick attacks will transform you into an evasive fighter. You will be difficult to hit, land more attacks, take less damage, and become a more effective and efficient in the dojo.

Try focusing on your speed and flow rather than power during your next class with us…and never forget the first rule of fighting “Don’t get hit”!

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