Dai Master Rafael Nieto Named Vice President of WAMAI

Dai Master Rafael Nieto has been named Vice President of World Amateur Martial Arts International (WAMAI). Rafael’s philosophy is “Fit for Life” and aims to integrate this concept into Martial Arts clubs around the world. He has been involved in Martial Arts for over 45 years and during that time he has proved his strength and determination by winning international and national titles, including the British WAKO Title on four occasions and the World and European WAKO Championships.

WAMAI was originally founded in 1972 in England under the original name of AKA Amateur Karate, later expanding into other martial arts and evolving into the Amateur Martial Association, known worldwide as AMA.

With the desire to infuse martial values ​​in other parts of the world, Master Ricardo Gress founded WAMAI with the assistance of the national president, Jesus Maria Plato – 8th Dan. Master Rafael Nieto has now been named Vice President of WAMAI, expanding the association even further.

WAMAI is a sports association aimed at providing a multitude of benefits to affiliated clubs. Not only does it offer sports insurance but also courses, seminars, events, championships etc. WAMAI is open to all styles of martial arts. WAMAI aims to encourage Martial Arts, creates codes and regulations for sports practices and promotes the social, moral, mental and physical values of all members.

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