From Student to Sensei Marcus: When your passion turns into your career

Since he was a little kid, Sensei Marcu’s was jumping from one Martial Art class to another – fuelling his love for the sport at a young age. Marcus also wouldn’t miss the chance to watch a Martial Arts movie with his mum, from whom he inherited his passion.

Ever since Sensei Marcu’s first class at Xen-Do Martial Arts back in October 2016, his huge commitment and dedication shined through. It wasn’t until March 2018 when Sensei Marcus was training at the Baker Street Dojo and he noticed that Master Raf was watching him. He was training hard, determined to show his passion and strength when Master Raf said to him; “You have potential to be great!”. This is the sentence that changed Sensei Marcus’ future and opened his eyes up to a new career.

Sensei Marcus said; “I still remember that day, it gives me goose bumps..I felt overwhelmed and surprised at the support I was receiving. In the beginning stages, I wasn’t confident – but Master Raf gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to keep at it. In addition to Master Raf, my fellow Senseis supported me with training help and incredible advice.”

Today, Sensei Marcus is very happy to wear his Xen-Do gear and is proud to have turned his passion into a career…“For me, walking into the dojo at Xen-Do is uplifting. Teaching brings happiness and joy to my life.” Sensei Marcus said.

Sensei Marcus

Sensei Marcus’ goal is to compete in The Spanish Open Tournament in Barcelona next year and to keep growing professionally as a Sensei in order to deliver the best experience and training to the students.

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