A beginner’s class through Sensei’s eyes…

beginner’s class through Sensei’s eyes

Beginner’s Class Through Sensei’s Eyes

It’s 20 minutes before the class is starting, members are already beginning to enter. It is nice to see them greet each other with “How have you been” and “Good to see you”. The dojo fills with chatter as some go to get changed and others begin to stretch.

I now call for the Beginners to line up. With eleven students and one intro, we can feel the energy already buzzing throughout the dojo. We bow …. OUSS! We go through the basics then partner up and learn how to pad. It’s an amazing class, everyone is enthusiastic and loud. We make jokes and laugh together through every moment.

The padding begins as everyone grabs a partner. I pick an eager yellow/white belt nearest to me and shout for them to jab. They are doing well until they are told to try a roundhouse kick and miss the pad. I can’t help but smile through the pain of just being kicked with all of their power into my shoulder. Although the aim was completely off, I see improvement as they are now snapping their kicks taught in last week’s class.

We’ve now split the class to teach the appropriate belts and their combination for the grading coming up next week. I am looking after those grading for red/white. Obviously to those reading this who are already members, you will already know your combinations. For anyone new joining us, the three students and I are currently going through their first combo counter back fist, skip in a roundhouse kick, reverse punch, front punch, and slide back. It is times like these when I really enjoy my job – I’ve been with these students since they joined and now they are all three in front of me performing the combinations in perfect unison without having to be told.

And we end the class on a high!


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