How to Tie your Xen-Do Belt

Xen-Do belt

Similar to our video showing you how to tie your wrist wraps, we also demonstrate how you can tie your Xen-Do belt in our latest YouTube video. Simply wrap your belt round your waist once, starting from your front-mid section, then follow round a second time wrapping your belt under your waistline before tying a double knot.

The most important feature your Xen-Do gear is your belt. It indicates your skill level and the amount of time you have been practicing Xen-Do Martial Arts. As students advance and improve your martial arts skills, your belt will signify your grade and level of skill – something you should be proud of!

Xen-Do is London’s premier Martial Arts Kickboxing club. Open for all ages and levels, book your free class today at a Xen-Do Martial Arts club of your choice by calling 020 3355 2583.

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By Chris Kyriacou

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