10 Facts about Bruce Lee you didn’t know

Facts about Bruce Lee

Arguably the greatest martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee’s emphasis was strictly on technique and speed over power and size. Below are 10 of the most random Bruce Lee facts you didn’t know. Let us know which one is your favourite.

10) Bruce Lee Jun Fan Yuen Kam is his full birth name

9) Way back in Lee’s teenage years, he was a gang leader: The name of his group was known as “The Tigers of Junction Street.

8) Bruce wasn’t just all muscle and no brain. He attended the University of Washington, where he majored in philosophy with focus on the philosophical principles of martial art techniques.

7) Bruce wasn’t pure Chinese – he was actually part German (his grandfather from his mother’s side was half German)

6) Bruce’s father sent him to San Francisco because he would always get in trouble for being a street fighter.

5) He developed a trick for showing off his speed—a person holds a coin and as he closes it, Lee would take it and could even swap the coin for another.

4) Demand for his private Kung Fu lessons grew so high and his hourly rate soared to as much as $275 per hour

3) Bruce Lee could punch holes in soda cans with his fingers!

2) Bruce’s family never called him “Bruce.” They preferred to call him by his nickname “Sai Fon” or “Little Phoenix.” It was a girl’s name, deliberately chosen by his parents because they believed that evil spirits did not like boys in the family

1) Most martial art films are sped up to make fighting scenes appear fast, but not Bruce Lee’s. His moves were too fast to be captured on the regular 24 frames per second film – so they had to film him at 32 fps, and run the film slower so you can see his moves

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