Boost your Social Life with Xen-Do’s Winter Health Plan 9

Boost your Social Life

Boost your Social Life with Xen-Do’s Winter Health Plan 9

Exercise can help us take better care of ourselves in other aspects of life. Louise O’Driscoll, Xen-Do’s affiliated Holistic Health Coach explains how.

When you work out regularly, the sense of increased well being and self esteem frequently lead to a greater inclination to eat well and avoid junk food or addictive substances such as alcohol. It can also help us to maintain a healthy level of self respect when it comes to work or personal relationships.

The social aspect of exercise should not be overlooked – whether it is team co-operation or friendly competition, many forms of exercise provide the opportunity to relax, have fun and make friends, to feel part of something – all of which are important for our psychological health.

Alongside your training at Xen-Do also consider:

– getting outside for some exercise – getting outside in nature provides certain benefits the dojo can’t

– Vitamin D, fresh air and a sense of our inbuilt spiritual connection to the earth can be invaluable for our health, particularly when it comes to staving off depression and anxiety.

– a yoga session can help hugely with stress and anxiety, in a completely different yet complimentary way to the intense workout kickboxing provides. Done regularly, it also carries of the bonus of noticeably improving your roundhouse kicks!

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