Xen-do Grading Update

The next few weeks are packed full of grading dates! Be sure to be ready to rumble when it’s your turn. Grab some extra personal classes if you feel like you need to brush up on your basics, combinations, pairs or pushups before you grade! Here is what you need to know:

This Sunday, 1st of July at Goodge Street is grading for Blue/White, Blue and Brown belts. The grading begins at 14:00, however, all students looking to grade must arrive by 13:30. Be sure to come prepared with all gear, including sparring equipment.

The following Sunday, 8th of July is grading for Black Belts and Dans beginning at 14:00.  All students to arrive by 13:30.

The 2nd of July commences grading week for the Little Champs and Adult/Teenagers Grades 1-4. Make sure you and your children are registered and prepared for the grading!

Beginning the 9th of July is Adult Grading week for red-white to green belts. Register with your Sensei ASAP.

Feel free to bring your family and friends along to watch. For any more info or details, please speak to your Sensei.


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