Xen-Do Kids champions code

Xen-Do Kids

Xen-Do Kids have real fun in a positive and safe environment. We help build self-discipline and develop self-confidence – helping children overcome shyness and insecurity.

The mutual respect associated with traditional martial arts is a core philosophy of Xen-Do. Through the active involvement of parents in the grading process, kids are rewarded for good behaviour, respect and hard work both inside and outside the dojo. To progress through the grades self-discipline is expected in all areas of life.

Xen-Do Martial Arts nurtures self-development in a controlled environment, teaching life skills through our champions code which help identify and deal with potentially dangerous situations: how to deal with bullying, avoid confrontation and seek help when appropriate – becoming ‘street smart’. Our aim is to give young people confidence, instilling discipline, courtesy and respect, with a good level of fitness and flexibility.

The champions code is based upon the 3 made principles; strength, disciple and respect – the signs of a true Xen-Do Champion, Ouss!! By following the code, kids are making a promise to live the Xen-Do way.

I promise listen, to always try my very best, to be a good friend, and to be a Champion!

It is unlike any other extra-curricular activity, as Martial Arts holds a unique key. It has been proven to increase concentration and focus, which is then reflected in behaviour generally, improving grades at school and relationships with fellow students and peers.

We have proved that the Xen-Do Junior and Little Champs Programmes improve young people’s physical fitness, focus and attentiveness; this is reflected by improvements in general behaviour, school work and outlook.

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