Xen-Do’s Detox and Fitness Guide for 2015 – Part one: Gentle de-toxing

Detox and Fitness Guide

Xen-Do’s Detox and Fitness Guide for 2015 – Part one: Gentle de-toxing

Louise O’Driscoll, Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts affiliated Holistic Health Coach is no stranger to the dojo combining Xen-Do’s training programme with a healthy lifestyle. In part one of our fitness guide for 2015 Louise looks at detoxing, dispels some myths and shows you how to adopt life changing habits in 2015.

There’s a lot of nutrition related discussion about de-toxing and it is often a disputed topic. Those who view a de-tox as just another form of crash dieting argue that our bodies are perfectly capable of de-toxing themselves, that is the function of our liver and kidneys after all. But there’s no doubt that after an indulgent few weeks eating rich food and drinking more alcohol than usual, we can feel heavy and sluggish and in need of a bit of a cleanse and even during more normal times of the year, we could help our bodies out a little bit with a break from the things it struggles to process. Here are a few ways to get that feeling;

– Drink more water – a well hydrated body is a happier and healthier body and it is something we particularly need to be conscious of when spending our days in centrally heated homes and offices. Aim for 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day to keep joints lubricated, skin clear and digestion optimised.

– Cut down on the booze – at a minimum, have two consecutive nights off alcohol twice a week, if you can manage more, then your liver, along with the rest of your body, will thank you.

– Try at least one meat-free day a week, we could all do with eating more veg and this is the perfect way to be a little more adventurous with cooking and enjoy a healthy meal.

– Enjoy a fresh green juice every day. This could be as a meal replacement, in which case make sure you add in some chia seeds and a source of good fat – flaxseed oil or coconut oil, or perhaps almond butter – or just have one composed of fruit and veg as an addition to your meals.

– Switch at least one coffee or black tea to green or white tea. Try flavoured ones first if you aren’t keen on the taste – developing a  regular green tea habit will help you boost your intake of antioxidants and green tea’s thermogenic effects may help you shift a little Christmas weight if you are feeling heavy.

– As well as green tea, fantastic sources of anti-oxidants can be found in berries, raw nuts, tomatoes, apples, dark chocolate, kale, beetroot and cauliflower. Choose at least one thing from that list every day and include it in your meals.

Xen-Do’s Sensei Denise Bailey comments, ”the Xen-Do curriculum is designed to release the endorphins that will make you feel fantastic and keep you motivated to follow your de-tox programme, if you follow Louise’s advice and attend a one hour Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts training programme you will not only notice the benefits but you will change your way of life and that will improve your outlook and way of life overall.”

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This article is based on opinion:
– the author is not a qualified doctor or anyone who can dispense medical advice.
– any opinions stated are just that and people should consult a doctor before making any dietary changes or changes of any nature prompted by the articles published by or on behalf of Xen-Do.
– under 16’s please obtain parental permission before posting anything online.
– any opinions stated are that of the author and do not represent the opinions of Xen-Do.

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